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A Single Premium Money Back Endowment Assurance without Profits Plan
(UIN-127N034V01 )
‘Sahara Dhanviddhi-Jeevan Bima’ is a without profit single premium money back endowment plan with added advantage of life cover up to maturity by having to pay premium only once. This plan not only provides financial security against unforeseen events but also returns specified percentages of sum assured at regular intervals along with the return of premium at maturity coupled with guaranteed additions depending upon term and sum assured chosen. This plan aims at protecting your life and providing regular payments and therefore suits those who have recurring financial obligations for funding their needs or meeting expenses pertaining to their child’s education. These can be fulfilled only by planning finances for various financial obligations well in advance. One of the steps in financial planning is investing in Wealth Creation and Capital Protection Plans. This plan of ‘Sahara Life’ offers more liquidity and are ideal for customers who are risk savvy, want the protection of life and also want to accumulate funds for future investment opportunities. This plan offers all the benefits in a single package without burdening you to pay premium for the entire term i. e. invest today and reap the benefit at regular intervals as well as at maturity.
Minimum Entry Age 9 Years (Nearer birthday)
Maximum Entry Age 60 Years (Nearer birthday)
Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 50,000/-
Maximum Sum Assured 1 Crore, subject to underwriting
Policy Term ( in Years) 9 years/ 12 years/ 15 years subject to condition that age at maturity should not exceed 70 years
Premium Paying Term Single Premium
Maximum Maturity Age 70 Years

In this uncertain world, one would like to know that their savings are safe and growing? One would also want to know the fact that in case they faced with situation during which they require money urgently, do they have the same with them. Further, in this materialistic world the small happy moment spent with family and loved ones will stay with us for long time and these moments becomes memorable when you are financially equipped to enjoy them.

Sahara Dhanvarsha Jeevan Bima, a traditional limited premium money-back non-participating endowment plan that not only helps you in planning for future expenses by making lump-sum funds available at specific intervals but also, in case of any unfortunate event, this plan also helps you to protect your family from financial hardships. In other words, this plan gives you a double benefit of guaranteed money back at regular intervals along with protection in case of an unforeseen eventuality. This plan is suitable for investors who want safety, guaranteed returns, tax benefits and also periodic guaranteed cash inflow to meet the desired financial obligation

This is a limited premium non-participating money-back endowment plan. Premium refers to base premium which excludes any extra premium, rider premium and applicable taxes on premium.
Minimum Issue Age 15 Years (Nearer birthday) where the risk commences immediately.
Maximum Issue Age 55 Years (Nearer birthday)
Minimum Sum Assured Rs 75000/- and thereafter in multiples of Rs 5000/-
Maximum Sum Assured None, subject to underwriting
Minimum Policy Term Policy term is fixed for 15 years and 20 years.
Maximum Policy Term Policy term is fixed for 15 years and 20 years subject to the condition that maturity age should not exceed 70 years (nearer birthday).
Premium Paying Term The premium paying term is 10 years for 15 years policy term and 15 years for 20 years policy term
Maximum Coverage Age 70 Years
Modes of Premium payment Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly.
What are the rebates available? For mode of payment of premium: For yearly and half-yearly modes of premium payments rebate of 3% and 1.5% respectively of tabular premium are available.
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Policy Bond for Term 15 years
Policy Bond for Term 20 years
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